Making Friends At Work, Remotely

As much as it would be nice if someone at work would simply email you and ask to be friends, that’s probably not going to happen which means you need to set the intention of making friends. This means every time someone who has similar ideas or interests shows up in a Zoom meeting, make it a point to reach out after to see if they’re available for a virtual meeting. Browse our available furnished apartments, or contact us to learn more about why digital nomads love living with Landing. I work on average 45 hours a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. I try to go out to the tech meetups when I can, or hangout at a coffee shop. Most of the people I meet at the meetups are just there looking for jobs, and have no intention on connecting with people unless you can help them land a job though.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

The reality is, in a world of video conferencing and asynchronous schedules, it’s never been harder to maintain friendships at work, let alone strike one up in the first place. In the early days of the pandemic, almost every company tried to offload the stress of staying connected with structure. You know, “planned fun,” like the kind my friend and colleague Megan Greenwell discussed in a previous column.

Use A Coworking Space

While there are countless upsides to working from home, there’s one consistent challenge — and it’s a serious one. You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

  • Lots of companies have social channels, alumni channels, and community channels on Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Try to use your real or virtual background in video meetings to provide some clues to your identity.
  • That, however, shouldn’t stop you from arranging out-of-work gatherings.
  • It could be a recipe, parenting meme, or general question.
  • If you’re looking for something more structured in terms of both your surroundings and routine, joining a co-working space will often provide you with an environment where you can quickly meet new friends.

In life generally, I believe following your passions and interests can only lead you in the right direction. With local events being led by passionate hobbyists, it’s worth thinking about your own hobbies, too. A shared enthusiasm is bound to make connecting to new people that little bit easier.

If your body language is giving off the wrong impression in the workplace, you might be hindering your office relationships. If you sit with your arms crossed and your headphones in your ears and you keep your head down, you’re essentially telling everyone that you should not be disturbed. Having a work friend can help relieve tension and make your entire day enjoyable. But if you’re struggling to make friends , then you’ll need a few pointers to help you along the way. While new in Mexico City, I was more proactive than ever before. At home in the UK, if a friend had brought along a friend to a meetup, I’d always be friendly.

Keep The Friendship Alive

If it’s your first day, you should stick to work-related questions like “How long have you worked here? If, on the other hand, you’ve been there for a while, you can connect by discussing personal interests like travel or music. When I got to the part about getting invited to a picnic, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m extremely lonely and can’t even get people to come over to my apartment or meet somewhere. I just had my Saturday plans cancelled last minute because “something came up”.

Don’t fall into the telecommute trap of sacrificing friendship in the name of professional success. It’s time for a work-from-home intervention so you can exchange your solitude for socialization! Free yourself from your hermithood with these six suggestions on how to make friends when you work from home. Sure, when we were all in proximity to each other, it was easy to swing by someone’s desk and say “Hey, let’s go grab a coffee” and just dish about what you’re working on or how awful the commute has been.

Sure Fire Strategies To Get Out There & Meet More People

If it’s not on there, you can actually make your own group! This is a great tool to meet someone with very similar interests as you.

Overall, work friends can make your job more enjoyable and also create a more accommodating and welcoming work environment for you. I say it all the time but it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Remember, you won’t be alone forever – it may just take a little longer to make friends in a new city if the first people you meet aren’t a match. I remember walking home after a busy day when a new Whatsapp group buzzed. One of the girls invited people to meet her at a coffee shop.

We build friendships by seeing the person over and over again. This is one of the biggest challenges of making friends as an adult working remotely. You may meet someone new, but when you’re not in person, you lose out on seeing that person over and over again to reinforce and build the relationship. “Would any of these relationships even exist if we’d worked together the way people have over the past 20 months—via Zoom, Slack, text, and email? Is true friendship even possible when nearly all of your connections are digital?

When we don’t have cadence with our coworkers, we might find it difficult to get in contact with them or find how to make friends when you work from home it frustrating to interact with them when we do. Making friends as an adult is actually pretty difficult.

How To Make Friends When You’re An Adult + Remote Working + New City?

If you are actually working hours a week in a real job and not just blogging or whatever it is hard. And if you’re like many people, work also leads to some of the most important personal relationships in your life. Work takes up a big chunk of our day and repeated interactions are built into the structure of our jobs, making it easier to find friends in the workplace. When everyone’s physically together in a workplace, people can rely on email, phone, plus casual chats, formal meetings, one-on-ones… the list goes on. When people are separated by distance, face-to-face options are drastically reduced.

  • However, once you start getting the ball rolling with someone and sharing interests, and exchanging personal information, you need to try to be engaged.
  • It’s not embarrassing, desperate or clingy to ask someone if they want to get a drink or coffee, even if it’s over a video call.
  • However, as remote work became rote, companies have become quite siloed, and even interactions with close teammates have significantly diminished.
  • The Great Rehiring Report See where companies are hiring people and how work is changing in 2021.
  • At home in the UK, if a friend had brought along a friend to a meetup, I’d always be friendly.

As long as social distancing continues to affect workplaces, that will be an important way for you to feel good about your job. And many people may find themselves working from home long after the pandemic is over. So, developing ways to make friends while working remotely is likely to be a skill you will continue to need. As someone who recently started a new job with a far-flung team, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make friends. I can’t grab an impromptu coffee or stop by someone’s desk. And even when I do go back to an office, it won’t be the same office as most of the people I work with day-to-day.

Friends Of Friends

Nowadays, she writes mostly about travel, money, and career management for a variety of publications. She is the founder of Travel with Meena, a travel site working to center the stories of travelers of color. Meena has worked as an editor and newsroom leader for several major media companies and coaches women journalists through the Digital Women Leaders media coaching program. Lots of companies have social channels, alumni channels, and community channels on Slack or Microsoft Teams. Join them and don’t be afraid to contribute to or spark a conversation. Next, reach out to your broader department and to other colleagues you find yourself collaborating with on projects.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

Additionally, it’s always worth trying to get to know your neighbors. Not only can they be a great resource for any kind of emergency situation , but it’s nice to have someone nearby when you’re feeling lonely and could use a new friend. Once you download Bumble, you’ll be prompted to choose if you want to use it for dating or for BFF. You will make a specific BFF profile, talk about why you’re using BFF, share what brought you to your new city, and add any other specifics that you want to share to help encourage a conversation. Meetup is an app that was introduced to me a few years ago, and it’s great for people moving to a new city.

Try Bumble Bff For A New Way To Make Friends

“There are a lot of great benefits that working from home provides for people, but making friends is more difficult,” says Beck. I’m 30 and moving from NYC to London with a remote job. I’m great at striking up a friendly and meaninful conversation, but find it challenging to take small talk to the friendship stage. Would love tips, advice, and anecdotal experiences in navigating how to turn small talk into a friendship. He first put together virtual social events, like online happy hours and scavenger hunts, and, starting in late March, added in-person meetups at safe outdoor venues in the Seattle metro area. Now that you know why it’s important to have friends at work, all you need is to start forming connections with people at the office.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

Between April 2020 and February 2021, Microsoft’s 2020 Work Trend Index reported that work relationships have shifted in an unfortunate direction. However, as remote work became rote, companies have become quite siloed, and even interactions with close teammates have significantly diminished. Just because you’re in the market for new friends doesn’t mean your colleagues are, Duffy says.

Obviously this depends whether you’re looking for romantic or platonic relationships but it’s certainly a way to make connections in a new place. Bumble has a ‘BFF’ feature for those looking for friendship. If this doesn’t apply, still keep an eye on Instagram location tags and hashtags related to your location.

Proven Ways To Make Friends At Work

Don’t be shy to show your true personality, as people will like you for who you are. Small talk can be awkward at the best of times, especially once you start a new job and you’re thrown into a cubicle next to someone you don’t know and can’t really escape. However, it’s an essential part of forming strong alliances in the office. You can meet people anywhere but the chances of making like-minded friends in a new city are heightened if you have a shared interest.

Betts Connect

Get up, get dressed and get on-screen—with your camera on—during virtual meetings. Speak up, especially about the successes of colleagues and those on your team. When you can go into the office for meetings and social events, do so. This can happen naturally, explains Beck, like getting coffee after work. If you’re a manager, set the stage for your employees to get to know each other.

Genuine, trusting relationships improve productivity in today’s collaborative work environments and industries. You can’t expect your job to be 100-percent enjoyable all the time. It’s work after all, generally defined as the exertion of mental or physical energy. Things that are relaxing and easy all the time, like watching Netflix, generally do not come with a salary. Still, most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else; enjoying it matters for your overall well being. I’m not the only one floundering to expand my social network with rusty social skills. COVID has shrunken many people’s circles, and relationships at work are now mostly impersonal Zoom calls where half your colleagues probably have their cameras turned off.

You and your coworker can have an adventure together and potentially show each other your favorite spots in your home cities. You guys might even be able to work together and increase work cohesion. There is no better feeling than meeting someone you have only seen on the screen.

One of the amazing things about the area you are relocating to is the opportunity to travel. If you would like connections with amazing and hospitable people in different locations across Europe, please let me know.

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